If you're like me and have dogs, are their leashes in a knotted mess in a drawer?  Mine were, until I got an idea! 

I have two dogs, and I try to be as active with them as possible. When the weather is warm we take them for walks often, and in the Winter I try to take them out for short little drives sometimes to get them out of the house. Well until yesterday my dogs leashes had been knotted up in a drawer so I had an idea!

I was on the hunt for a shelf with hook on it, so I could hang my leashes. I searched and FINALLY found what I was looking for, but it was $30! Which was a bit much.

That's when I remembered I had a shelf I bought last year from IKEA that I had no place for (it was $6!) so I picked up some command strips (the ones that hold up to 3lbs), I think I paid a total of $6 for the Command strips and $6 for the shelf, so that made this project $12!

My husband and I hung the shelf up and then placed the Command strips directly under it. The shelf is nice because we are able to put some decor on it to make it look cute, and notice the green things?  Those are rolls of poop bags haha so we can keep handy stuff there too! It looks so much better than the knotted mess the leashes were in!  Plus it's in the laundry room so it's a cute little addition to what's otherwise a pretty boring room haha



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