So you got the ring you were wanting, and you're all excited that you'll be marrying the person of your dreams, but now you're faced with the huge undertaking of planning the one day you've dreamed your whole life about. Fortunately for you, this Sunday's Ultimate Wedding Expo with Davis Digital Photography will make it easy by having everything you need all in one place!

Now you may be thinking, "you're a dude, what do you know about planning a wedding?" Or maybe you're not thinking that, but I'm going to assume you are, let me tell you that I made a point to be involved in every detail possible when my wife and I planned our wedding over 10 years ago. I went to the flower shop, I helped pick the color scheme, the DJ, the photographer, the reception hall, the whole nine yards. I figured it was just as much my special day as it was hers, so I should have at least an equal say. Fortunately, I married an amazing woman who wanted my input, so I did meet any resistance.

The point being, I know from experience that getting the day in order, and more importantly, just the way you want it, is a massive undertaking that can be overwhelming when you step back and look at the whole picture. When my wife and I were in the planning stages, we didn't attend anything like the Ultimate Wedding Expo, but I wish we would have! Instead, we traveled back and forth across the tri-state speaking with photographers, caterers, and the like. To have several options from every wedding planning category would have, at the very least, saved us a ton on gas (although the average price was still south of $2.00 per gallon at the time).

Grab your crew, and maybe even your guy if he's down with it (remember, it's his day too), and stop by the Vanderburgh County 4-H Center Auditorium between Noon-4pm to meet with several local vendors looking to make sure your wedding day looks just like you envision it. Admission is free.

2013 Ultimate Wedding Expo Flyer
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