We've had quite a year, huh? The year 2020 will go down in the books as a year that tested our patience, our mental health, our love for our fellow human beings, our wits, our courage, our trust, our intelligence and so much more. It was also a year, like no other, that made us question our social media friends and real friendships too.

I kept asking myself, 'Is this person a positive influence in my life or do they wear me out with their negativity and unkind posts?' I can usually brush things off on social media by quickly scrolling through the posts, but this year, it was very difficult not stop and question why I let some people into my world.

I am just exhausted with all of the angry, mean and disrespectful posts on my social media feed. This year, the negative posts flooded my Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. You don't have to agree with my viewpoint, but you do have to be kind. Guess what? I will respect you, hear you out AND be your friend, if you treat me the same way. I love different viewpoints and perspectives. I feel I can learn by listening. That is the part of the beauty of living in this county, we can all have our own opinions. It's a wonderful thing that should be cherished and protected.

Arguing, on social media, is so ridiculous and cowardly. There is just no reason for it. It's ridiculous. I recently read posts where two of my former students were fighting on Facebook. One had senselessly and hurtfully called a former classmate out for his choices, even involving his family. I'm still not sure why or what he hoped to gain. They haven't seem each other since high school and live on opposite sides of the country. It all just saddens me so. I'm tied of it all.

Negativity happens in real life too. Your so called friends, your family, your coworkers, they can bring negativity into your life that will choke you. YOU chose who you want to let in to your mind and your heart. If someone makes you feel bad about your self or their negativity about others and the world make you feel bad, they don't need to be in your life. Reevaluate who you are letting in because they are affecting your soul. Expect better for yourself, demand better. Stop reading and listening to the negativity, bullying, dissect and hate and you will feel better inside.

Why is it so hard for us, as human beings to respect and love each other? We are all connected and bound together. Every race, sexuality, sexual preference and religion, are all connected through our humanity. We are all human beings, living on the same planet, dealing with the same issues and trying to cope with the same crap that life throws at all of us. I think the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, taught us that.

Are you tired of all the hate, anger and negativity too? It is affecting your mental health? When you are trying to stay positive, do the hate and bad thoughts bring you down? Well, you are not alone.

Many people, including me, are choosing to stay positive and ridding their social media pages from negativity. They are going so far as to unfriend those that can't play nice. Just like this guy, I'm thinking about doing it too.

This video was made several years ago, but it is still so relevant today.

#nomorenegativity  #yourinputaffectsyououtput

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