Last year when we had that crazy snow that kept my kid home for two weeks, I realized that she had grown out of her snowsuit. This. Was. A. Problem. There weren't any available in stores and shipping was delayed because of the snow. I improvised with these DIY snow pants. That article was truly the highlight of my career. Not.

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Snowsuits weren't the only hot commodity. Rock salt was completely out for driveways and I also realized that some of the neighbors didn't have a sled because children kept finding their way to my house to borrow ours.

We ended up having a great time but I decided that this year, I was going to be prepared. Here are some things on my list to order long before the snow gets here!

Stock Up on These Winter Essentials Before It Snows

Winter is coming! Before you get caught with three feet of snow and no snowsuit, make sure that you have the essentials to get thru this winter and stay warm!
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