While on Twitter this morning, we came across an opinion article from USA Today blasting Kentucky.

The USA Today article stated that since the new administration plans on running the county more like a business, President Trump should, 'close, sell or restructure Kentucky.' Apparently, Kentucky is one of the worst financially irresponsible states in the nation.

The article referred to a WalletHub study.

WalletHub identified Kentucky in 2017 as the state most dependent on the federal government, and a 2007 Tax Foundation Study (examining the period 1985-2005) found that Kentucky consistently received more from the federal government than it paid in. The numbers in Kentucky are dire.

Ok, so those numbers don't look good. We'll give you that. But, sold or closed, really??

Given the GOP’s commitment to running America like a business, Kentucky shouldn’t get a dime more from the federal government than it pays to the federal government in taxes. If Kentucky can’t live on a budget, it should be shut down. That’s the way we’d do it in the private sector.

WOW!! Harsh! But wait, the article goes on to slam the Kentucky government representatives too. You should really read the whole article. Click here! Then let us know what you think.

Just a thought.....if we DO close Kentucky, will we have to build another wall??? Asking for a friend.




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