Ok, so normally, I’m not afraid of snakes. I grew up in the country and snakes could be found just abut anywhere. The key word is FOUND. If you don't look for them, they usually keep to themselves. Most of the time, anyway.

I remember my grandma and grandpa had a snake tree beside their garage. It literally had black snakes hanging from it's branches. I have to admit, I WAS a little scared of that tree. The snakes would randomly fall out of the tree and and on whatever was underneath. Yikes. I was petrified that one would land on my head. It was like something out of a nightmare.

My mother-in-law is deathly afraid of snakes. She even tells the kids that a snake will chase them and bite them, so if they see a snake, RUN.  She believes this because her mother told her that is how snakes behave. Its not really true, though. Snakes, like most other animals, only attack in defense. If they are scared of you because you just stepped on them, they will try and bite you, Woudn't you?

Even WKDQ’s own super stud, radio personality, Travis, is crazy afraid of snakes. Because of this story coming out of Owensboro, KY, I know one place he will never go to get a haircut.

A snake was seen slithering around the floors and shelves near the nail bar and hair products. I’m sure it was just trying to get the best beauty products at the best price.

Daphne Griffith Lynchard/Facebook
Daphne Griffith Lynchard/Facebook

I have been getting my hair cut, colored and styled, for four years, not 10 feet from where that snake is shopping. My super awesome and talented stylist, Daphne, who's chair is right there by the snake, posted this on her Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us! Can we just be done with this year already? This thing held us hostage for a few hours today! You Lil sneaky joker!!! #carlthesnakelookingforallthedeals

My very funny and good friend, Dave Spencer, from WBKR, in Owensboro, had some fun with me on this one.

Dave: So, do you get the full Medusa?

Me: Until now, I had no idea they offered that. From now on, Full On Medusa is it!! 

DaveHey, maybe that's a new thing at Ulta. Maybe the snake was a promotional stunt.

I told him I was going to use all of his jokes in my article.

DaveWhy, be my guest! You know, when they do that Medusa treatment at the salon, they look so bored. Real stone faces.


Here is a video from 14 News showing authorities and pest catches fixin' to escort that snake right out of the store.

Poor snake. I hope it got it’s Ulta rewards points before it left.


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Snakes in Kentucky


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