If you're from the west side of Evansville like me, there's a really good chance you have a consistent supply of both Ski and some type of beer in your fridge. Now, thanks to the geniuses at Ski, you can have both in one can!

The makers of Ski announced "BrewSKI" on their Facebook page Monday evening.

With Craft Beer being such big business these days, and many of those beers incorporating notes, or hints of citrus flavor into their brews, the idea of bringing these two beverages together is a no-brainer.

BrewSKI's will offer three different styles, a Classic Pilsner, an All-American Ale, and Ski-infused Ale.

BrewSKI's Facebook page makes no mention of when or where these beers will be available, but I promise you, the moment I see some on a shelf in a grocery or liquor store in the Tri-State, I'm putting a six pack in my cart.

For more on the new line of brews, check out the BrewSKI website.

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