Forget a gym membership, give me a theater pass.

According to The Times, going to the movies "could be as good for your health as a 'light form of cardio' exercise." That explains why I am so tired after going to the theater.

It looks like I just found another excuse to go see Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker again. Who am I to argue with science?

The study also found that going to the movies could provide  "a boost for your heart and benefit memory and concentration." Which is why I can quote so many movies. It's all starting to make sense now!

The Times says that going to the movie theater is better for your body than watching movies at home. The reason for this is “because there are fewer distractions in a cinema, allowing your brain to devote a rare period of ‘undivided attention’ to what is unfolding.

But what about the soda and popcorn that you consume at the movies? I'm going to assume that those count as fuel that you burn while watching the movies. I mean, soda, candy, and popcorn...that doesn't sound unhealthy...

Look, the big takeaway here is that going to the movies is considered a workout, according to scientists. That's all I need to hear. I'm going to the movies so many times this year that I will be looking like Brad Pitt in no time!

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