ShrinersFest is coming up the end of July. Today they had their button sales kickoff press conference, where they also made an exciting announcement! 

Buttons are on sale now for the upcoming ShrinersFest on June 28-July 1. Buttons went on sale today, and are $8 if you purchase in advance, or $10 at ShrinersFest, kids 12 & under are free.

You can purchase your button at many area businesses, or online here.

ShrinersFest also made a couple exciting announcements today as well!  Along with their already exciting airshow lineup, they've added the US Army Golden Knights who are the U.S. Army Parachute Team!  They've also added the U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II which is rare to see!

 Known for it's vertical takeoff, landing, and hovering capabilities, the Harrier is one of the most unique tactical jet aircraft. Evansville is one of only four show sites in North America to feature a display by this combat proven platform! -ShrinersFest Facebook

See photos and learn more about these fun acts coming to the ShrinersFest airshow, here!

That's pretty awesome! As it's getting closer to ShrinersFest I'm getting more excited!!



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