Something I don't really think about is whether my door is open or closed when I sleep, but after learning about this, I'll be changing how I think about it!

Before you go to bed do you make sure your door is open or closed?  Personally I've always left my door open for a couple reasons, one being it gets so hot in my room that I open the door to let the cool air in.  Two being my husband used to work nights, and I'd leave the tv on in the living room so I could see into there, but also so it looked like someone was up watching tv (at least in my mind anyway).

Well apparently I've been doing it wrong.  According to a video recently made by UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute you should sleep with the door closed. They have a campaign called "close before you doze" and to be honest the difference in the room with the closed door VS the room with the open door is pretty crazy!

Check it out, here!


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