There has been a move afoot over the last few years to lift the ban on Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana. Indiana legislative leaders have been very reluctant to lift the ban even though most state residents seem to be in favor of lifting the ban. Just the other day, Connecticut passed a bill that would allow Sunday alcohol sales in that state leaving just Indiana and Minnesota as the only holdouts. Earlier this year, the Indiana General Assembly session refused to give a hearing to a bill which would allow Sunday alcohol sales, despite the anticipation of GOP support.

Indiana's Legislatice Services Agency, a nonpartisan research department, wrote an impact statement estimating the tax revenues generated by Sunday Alcohol sales and found the revenues would be minimal at best, but not all agree with that notion. The statement said that people would not spend any more money on alcohol on Sunday, they would simply shift their buying habits.

In Connecticut, the tax revenues generated by Sunday alcohol sales are estimated to be about $5 million per year.