They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. While a church is not necessarily mysterious, the size and availabilty of this one in Newburgh certainly makes it stand out.

I don't live far away from the home where the church sits, and I pass by it regularly when making my way to and from my house. It's sat there for months, and I've meant to stop by and take a look around for the longest time, but I've always come up with an excuse. It's usually something like, "I'm tired and ready to be home," or "I don't know if I can just 'stop by' and take a look," or "I need to get these groceries home." Finally, while ride my bike down Lincoln Avenue, I decided I'd see what it was all about.

Evansville Courier & Press columnist, Jesse Higgins, spoke with the man behind the chapel, Mike Collins, back on July 13th, who said he was inspired after reading a story about a similar chapel in Virginia. Collins told the Courier & Press he simply wanted to give people "a place they could go that would always be open," whenever they felt the need to pray. Collins went on to say he intends on leaving the chapel where it is, but could see taking it to different churches, or public events from time to time.

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