While the cat's away, the mouse will play.

Officer Phil Smith's "Slow Jam Traffic Stops" on the Evansville Police Department's Snapchat and Facebook accounts have started to take on a life of their own after he started posting them a year or two back. The short videos usually feature some sort of slow R&B jam in the background while Officer Smith sing-speaks some sort of friendly reminder about various traffic laws. For example, moving out of the way when an emergency vehicle is coming up on you with its sirens and lights flashing —

While others have featured special guests —

Regardless of the topic, or the song being used as inspiration, they all start with Smith bellowing out a drawn out, "Awwwww, yeah" like he's straight out of any '90's  R&B song where they're getting ready to break it down somethin' proper like.

Officer Smith is out of town at a national police conference this week, so no Slow Jam Traffic Stop, right? Wrong. In his absence, Police Chief Billy Bolin, an avid Indiana University fan, stepped into Officer Smith's office, he being an avid Duke University fan, for his own special edition Slow Jam.

I'll assume the Chief took Officer Smith's Duke-themed items out of the trash after the video was over, but I wouldn't blame him if he didn't.

[Source: Police Chief Billy Bolin]

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