A horror film created and filmed in Kentucky is getting national attention after it made its way onto not one but two "Scary Christmas Horror Movies to Watch" lists.

13 Slays Till X-Mas

13 Slays Till X-Mas is the latest holiday horror anthology from Blood Moon Pictures, writer/producer P.J. Starks (creator of Volumes of Blood,) and producer Eric Huskisson (The Confession of Fred KruegerVOB: Horror Stories). Much like their previous projects, Volumes of Blood and VOB: Horror Stories13 Slays Till X-Mas is an anthology collection. Thirteen Christmas-themed horror stories are woven into an intricate tale of fear and mayhem.

On December 24th, five seemingly random men are invited to a dive bar by a mysterious e-mail. They decide to pass the time by resurrecting the old tradition of telling scary stories on Christmas Eve. As each take turns spinning yarns of yuletide terror, it becomes evident, they may be harboring a dark and deadly secret.


Making the Nice List

Starks shared recently his shock and excitement about having 13 Slays Till X-mas included in Cosmopolitan's list, The 38 Best Christmas Horror Movies to Completely Demolish Your Holiday Spirit. Cosmo describes 13 Slays:

If you want a bunch of scary stories packed into one movie, you'll want to check this flick out. It's about a group of five men who all get invited to a dive bar on Christmas Eve via a mysterious email. While they're waiting for the host to get there, they take turns telling scary stories.

Also included on Cosmo's list are a couple of personal holiday favorites: A Christmas Horror Story, and Krampus.

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And the Naughty List

Not only did 13 Slays Till X-mas make Cosmo's list, but it makes an appearance on Good Housekeeping's list of "31 Scary Christmas Horror Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Naughty and Nice." Good Housekeeping says,

There's something about the holiday horror genre that really lends itself to the anthology format — there are quite a few on this list. In this one, five men are invited to a bar on Christmas Eve and, as they await their host, they start swapping scary stories. There are 13 stories in total.

13 Slays Till X-Mas
Bloodmoon Pictures

Yes. Yes It Is a Christmas Movie

We talked to PJ about being recognized by the two national publications for 13 Slays Till X-mas, and he says his first instinct is always to deny making a Christmas movie and then he remembers, that it is in fact a Christmas movie. It just happens to also be a horror film - and a good one!

We've been very fortunate to get tons of great national press for our projects but had you told me our little Christmas horror flick would be recognized by publications such as Cosmopolitan or Good Housekeeping I'm not sure I'd have believed you. But here we are. The funny thing is, I always looked at 13 Slays Till X-Mas as a horror film first and foremost. Recently someone I was with was telling another person about our films and said, "it's the Christmas movie he made." My first instinct was to say, "I didn't make a Christmas movie." Then it suddenly dawned on me, yes. Yes, I did produce a Christmas movie. It was the first time I thought about it as just a "Holiday" film. Then we start getting mentioned in 'Best of" Christmas movie lists and it's just bizarre. Nevertheless, I'm super excited the film is getting the recognition and the exposure. Especially now that we're moving into December and it's streaming on Screambox, Tubi, Amazon, and other sites. I'm very curious to see who else gives the project its time in the sun.

Blood Moon Pictures
Blood Moon Pictures

Where to Watch 13 Slay Till X-mas

So you're ready to nestle into the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and take in a good scare this Christmas? Here's where you can stream 13 Slays Till X-mas.

What's Next for Blood Moon Pictures

The creatives behind Blood Moon Pictures have another project in the works and are currently crowdfunding the project with an IndieGoGo campaign. They hope to make the new film, New Fears Eve, their "most gruesome and blood soaked film yet." Support the new project here and follow Blood Moon Pitcures on Facebook.

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