As a kid, I always had outside animals. I tried to not get attached to them because we lived near a wooded area, and near busy roads. When I got older, I tried to make my cat an inside cat... Yeah, that worked wonderfully until one morning around 2 AM, I saw a set of eyeballs looking at me. It scared me to death!

Years passed and I became obsessed with pug puppies: smushed faces, pot bellies, and snorts. July 16, 2008, my obsession was going to be fed. I was getting a PUG!!!


That was the first night with him. He was so tiny, and his snorts sounded like pigs. It was official, I was a Pug Mom. I was Parker's Pug Mom.


He was the best little thing and curious of the entire world. He could eat anything and DID. Thankfully, through the years, he didn't swallow anything that wouldn't pass.


Parker went on adventures; hated his nails getting clipped; loved to eat. If he could eat all day, he would've. When Bruce Wayne (my other pug) came along, it took Parker a bit to get used to him. But they did.


Many happy years of Parker and Brucey happened. Some days they were a handful, and they shed! Oh gosh they shed! But they visited Santa, moved to a new place, got in trouble together, visited the Easter bunny, chased turkeys. Yes, that was a fun morning being drug to follow the turkeys.

In May, Parker started having issues with walking. He was having trouble breathing. The vet gave him some steroids and antibiotics. That was the day, I knew that my little boy Parker was loosing the battle with becoming older. The month of May went on, so did June. But when we made it to July, Parker had became worse. He was suffering more every day. I could see in his eyes, he was hurting. I was hurting for him. I cried every time when I would take him out to do business. It was hard for him.


My sweet boy Parker is now an angel. I hope he's eating all the food he wants, sleeping a lot, and hopefully borrowing someone's lap until I see him again. I'll always miss him. He was my fur baby... my Parker Poo.


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