With all the social distancing demands and calls to stay indoors, Samuel L. Jackson went on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night to read a poem the only way Sam can...with swear words.

If I were to ask you to say a word that makes you think of Samuel L. Jackson, chances are it would be a word that is not safe to say at work or around children...which is why this poem he read is so funny.

The new poem comes from author Adam Mansbach, who also wrote another poem made famous by Samuel L. Jackson called "Go The F*$# To Sleep", which you can hear (uncensored) by clicking here.

Would you like to hear Samuel L. Jackson read the new poem, "Stay The *#!% At Home"? Of course you would. I will go ahead and give you a spoiler, this video has all of the naughty words bleeped out, but you know exactly what he's saying!


While the poem is humorous, the message is serious. Stay at home. Don't risk getting you or your loved ones sick with this terrible coronavirus. Listen to Sam's message.

Without any further adieu, I present you with Samuel L. Jackson reading "Stay The *#!% At Home". The story begins at the 5:25 mark of the video

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