The alien crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 has been a favorite subject of conspiracy theorists for years and still remains one of the biggest mysteries as to what actually happened that day. The Government still isn't talking and some who claim to have been there have been talking for years without any real proof of their claims. According to a new book about 'Area 51', author Annie Jacobsen says the alien space craft was really a Soviet spy plane that was brought down by a storm. Jacobsen also claims in her new book that the inhabitants of the space craft were actually bizarre looking, genetically engineered child-sized pilots that were created by Nazi Death Doctor Josef Mengele at the behest of Joseph Stalin.  There is no way to know if any of this is actually true because all of the documents surrounding the Roswell incident are still classified. The New York Times calls the book a connect-the-dots thesis and does give her some credence on her work. UFO fanatics will undoubtedly give this new book no credibility whatsoever, but who knows? We may never know, but this theory is certainly intriguing at the very least and the article on is a fascinating read. Click here to read the article and draw your own conclusions.