This past Father's Day was a good one for Chad and Ronnie Aldridge as they fished the day away in Homer, Alaska. Chad was using 80-pound test line on the morning's first stop. He was reeling in his line to move to another location. "All of a sudden my line just stopped, then I felt the head shake so I lifted up fairly hard to set the hook," said the younger Aldridge, who thought he hooked a shark or even a whale. So began a 45-minute struggle to bring in a 350.8 pound halibut measuring 96 inches.  Chad's dad Ronnie wasted no time jumping in to help his son reel in the monster fish all the while talking about how great this Father's Day has been. The fish was so big, they had to radio for assistance to get the fish to shore. This is a great story about the big one that did NOT get away done father and son style. Nice job fellas.