Go to this restaurant in Los Angeles without knowing what's inside and you may get flushed - in the face!  The Magic Restroom restaurant is a place you go only if you know what to expect to sit on - toilets!  It's America's first toilet-themed eatery.  No, I'm not kidding.

The idea to have customers sit on commodes was an idea that came from Taiwan, according to a waiter at the Magic Restroom.  Sitting on toilets may be a novelty that will spur enough interest for people to eat once or twice at the Magic Restroom, but what about the food?  If the food isn't good, folks won't come back, no matter what they sit on.

How about this toilet dish? (YouTube)

Personally I don't know how good the food is, but I think many people will get turned off by the item names, although there will be many others that will get a kick out of names, such as "black poop," which is a chocolate sundae, "smells-like-poop," which is braised pork over rice, and "bloody number two," which is really a vanilla-strawberry sundae.  In addition to the gross names, the food is served out of dinnerware resembling small toilets.

Would you eat at Magic Restroom?  A random poll of customers there in L.A. seemed to indicate that the restaurant will do just fine.  The customers liked the food and thought the whole presentation was funny.

What do you think?  Would you go to this restaurant if there was one in Evansville?  Please watch the video and answer the poll below.  Thanks!