Over the years I have spent a lot of time around Zach Harris.  This senior at Reitz High School has about the biggest heart you could ever imagine, and doesn't do anything in life half-way.  Be it his emotional appeals on the Easter Seals Telethons, trying to get viewers to contribute to the cause that helped give him a normal life while living with CP.  Or maybe it's his unrelenting jeers of a certain ring announcer at local wrestling shows.  No passion Zach shows is more vocal than his love for the Reitz Panthers.  As the manager of the team, Zach is always a key source of motivation.  Now, Zach is preparing his senior project and he is focused on doing something great for this year's football team and those to come at Reitz.  According to his facebook page, this is his goal:

For my senior project I'm trying to get an inflatable tunnel for the Reitz football team. The cost is around $8,000 The tunnel takes about 4 weeks to make and my goal is to have the tunnel ready by the Mater Dei game or our 1st playoff game! That being said, I need to have the money raised in about a week to make my deadline! I know it's a very difficult task, but with help from the great REITZ NATION and anyone else willing to donate, I have faithTo donate, go to ANY Old National Bank at ANYTIME they are open between now and next friday and say "I would like to donate to the Reitz football tunnel fund!" It's that easy! 

Thanks to everyone who donates, and help spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

- Zach Harris

WE can do this!

Now take a look at my chat with Zach about the project: