Too much of a good thing is always bad. In this case, the rain. I already warned you about the warm, wet Winter being the perfect breeding ground for more snakes. We even have to worry about the deadly Kissing Bug. Well, NOW, experts are saying that, because of the record rainfall in the Midwest, deadly weeds might growing in your backyard.

According to WHIO TV:

Poison hemlock is one of the deadliest plants in North America. It contains highly toxic compounds, which cause respiratory failure and death in mammals.

The toxins must be ingested or enter through the eyes or nasal passages to induce poisoning.

The roots of the weed are more toxic than the leaves and stems, however all parts of the plant including the seeds should be considered dangerous.

Wild parsnip contains psoralens, which kill skin cells that are responsible for protecting us from sunlight radiation.

Severe blistering, burn-like symptoms, and skin discoloration can occur as a result.

Both weeds can be identified by their short flower stalks rising from a common point like the ribs on an umbrella.

Although not native to North America, these plants, along with many others, are very invasive and dangerous. Poisonous to both people and animals. The more moisture the better for these deadly plants. Having already been spotted in Ohio, they made be growing in your back yard too.

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