There are a lot of people that believe seeing certain birds have special meanings. One popular belief is if you see a red bird or cardinal, it is a sign that a loved one is watching over you from Heaven. There are even songs written about it.

Redbird by HunterGirl - American Idol 2022

'Cause I could use a redbird right now
One from the other side of the clouds
I'm feeling lost and empty
Letting me know that you're still with me
By sending someone up in Heaven
Down to earth for just a second
I know you know it's all gonna be alright
If it ain't too much, could you just give me a sign?
Red bird, fly, fly, fly

What About Blue Birds?

So, what if you see a blue jay, what does that mean? Well, there are a lot of different interpretations about blue jays. I've read that seeing one means you need to be more assertive and watch out for tricksters. The blue jay is a bit of a con artist because it can mimic the sounds of other birds, and they even eat baby birds. Yikes.


This is for The Birds

I know way too much about birds in general. Here is a throwback pic of me and Patches. She was kind of shy and soft. We also had another Amazon named Cortez who would literally yell my name. Fun Times. Oh, and the bird on my shirt is Jade the McCaw. Unless you like to feel like you live in the jungle, sounds and smells in all, I don't recommend having a room full of birds.

Rare Sighting - Cardinal and Blue Jay

With my life-long history with birds, I do believe that seeing certain types have special meanings. Over the weekend, I captured this photo of a Cardinal and a Blue Jay together in my front yard. I have honestly never seen these two types of birds together. As it turns out this is quite rare.


What Does it Mean?

Seeing the red and blue birds together certainly caught my attention, so I did some reading about what it could mean. Basically, The two birds are complete opposites, but the deceptive blue jay can mimic other birds. It seems like there are opposing factors around me, and I need to be aware of false friends, and stay on the side of good.

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