This morning at daybreak, my husband got up and walked out to the living room. He came back in the bedroom and kindly reminded me that the birds were waiting for their breakfast. They were all stalking the patio door like those gulls in Finding Nemo.

Last March, when COVID quarantine started, I decided to do something I never said I'd do. I bought a bird feeder. Though my mom and grandma always enjoyed feeding the wild birds, I never got into it much. But when you are home alone day after day after day after day, you start to welcome any and all company.

After only a few weeks, I realized the birds weren't the only ones who enjoyed my bird feeder. I live in the middle of the woods and, I don't know if you know this, but deer have ZERO shame in coming right up to your house and gorging themselves on whatever smorgasbord you lay out. Oh, new flowers in spring? Delicious! I mean, they literally will WALK ONTO MY FRONT STEPS AND EAT OUT OF MY URNS. The bird feeder was just a fun snack. So, for my birthday this year, my mom bought me a shepherds hook and a new birdfeeder that I promptly put out on my deck so that those wretched, unmannered, trespassing DEER can't get to my kind of expensive bird seed!

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Now, my days consist of hanging out with my dog, my robot vacuum, and my bird friends. Sometimes the cat slinks downstairs, walks by and ignores us all for about 10 minutes, then goes back upstairs. I'll admit, I've become the bird woman. I feed them every morning. I chase away starlings and crows that sling their fat bird bodies onto the feeders. When the feeders tip over from the weight, the starlings hang on for dear life and spill the seed everywhere. So, I chase them off so little birds can eat in peace. I like watching out for new bird friends and returning bid friends. And I really enjoy the bird fight club. Chickadees are ruthless, if you didn't know. Cardinals are dramatic. Titmice are just cute!

I'm going on a year now of working at home and unlike most people, I really enjoy it. I'm an introvert by nature so I focus in on my work and forget everything else. I've recently started scheduling virtual lunches with my co-workers and that's a really nice change. Feeding needy birds isn't the same as human connection but it's an unexpected pleasure I've found during quarantine. My mom and grandma were right. I love my birdy boys.

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