If this video doesn't hit you right smack in the heart strings, then you're not breathing. Pets seem to have this uncanny ability to look so human and even display emotions and reactions just like we do. Bandit the pug shows genuine remorse and regret in the below video. Apparently, Bandit has a licking problem and is prone to chasing a particular cat named Bigfoot. So, his owner sits him down to talk about it and you can clearly see how guilty Bandit feels, but is that guilt rooted in genuine remorse for his misdeeds or because he was caught? Hmmmm.

As any good parent would do when having a talk with their child about a problem, Bandit's owner ends the talk on a positive note and Bandit appears ready to again tackle the challenges of life with renewed vigor. Good job Bandit - now go make something of yourself and learn from your mistakes.