It's sunflower season. That means you can expect to see your Facebook blow up with a ton of pictures of people visiting local sunflower patches. We have quite a few in the Tri-State. I am most familiar with the patch located in Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife in Warrick County. It's a beautiful area that is perfect for a photo session. While many people take advantage of the photo opportunity, there are some who have to ruin the fun for everyone else. Here's a prime example:

This isn't the only instance that the area has been damaged. A year or two ago, someone decided to drive their vehicle through the sunflower patch.

Be respectful and courteous to the area and other people wanting to enjoy it. Keep the glitter at home, don't tamper with or damage the sunflowers, take your pictures, soak in the scenery, and pick up after yourself. It's a pretty simple concept really. The more people who go out to these patches and damage them, the more reason landowners have to close them to the public.

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