If you have ever been sitting at your desk, playing with your iPad and thinking how cool it would be to be able to play a video game with your cat, your dream is now a reality thanks to a new iPad app. Cat food maker Friskies has released a new app called 'You vs. Cat' and I believe it is the first dual-species tablet game that allows humans to play along with their cats....I know right!

It works kind of like a one-sided air hockey game where you shoot or flick an object and your cat is like the goalie. Your cat pounces on the object to bounce it back to you. If you get the object past the cat, you get 10 points, but if the cat pounces on it before it ricochets into the goal, your cat gets the points.

By the way, the current world-wide stats have the cats ahead by almost a thousand points and considering cats don't have thumbs, that's pretty impressive.

Cat's game
cat wins

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