Dogs have so much love to give, and this story goes to show just how deeply they love!


Celeste is a Pit Bull who had been at Evansville's Animal Control since May.  For the last few weeks, she's sat in a kennel hoping someone would take notice of her, that's where Alexa comes in!

On Saturday Alexa volunteered her time to walk dogs at Animal Control, to give them some fresh air, and some much needed play time, and pats on the head.  That's where Alexa met Celeste. She says Celeste is social, loves people, and loves other animals! When their time together was over, and Alexa went to put the dog back in her kennel, Celeste put her paws around Alexa's neck, and hugged her tight. I mean seriously, look at this:

Photo Credit: Alexa Sanders


Alexa had a really hard time leaving Animal Control that day, but she knew she had to do something! Her grandmother posted a plea on Facebook to help get Celeste into a loving home.  Her plea got hundreds of shares. Alexa also went back to visit Celeste, and help share her story.   I reached out to Alexa, and learned that Celeste has now been pulled from Animal Control and is with It Takes a Village! Her journey is just beginning! She is now safe from being put down due to over crowding, but now her journey continues on the hunt for her forever home.

Here's what Alexa had to say about Celeste:

She is a young pit mix, she was a stray so unsure exactly how old she is. She’s a little girl. She is SO sweet. As soon as she gets in the grass she loves to roll in it and get belly rubs. She also loves to sit in your lap and give kisses. Loves to play with other dogs. I saw her interact with a child in the lobby and was great with him too! Absolutely didn’t want me to leave the shelter. It was heartbreaking.

I love all dogs, especially pits. But there was something so special about Celeste. She is just a sweetheart that wants to play and doesn’t deserve to be in a shelter. The lady at Animal Control said she may be overlooked bc she’s just brown and doesn’t stand out.

Her sweet personality sure does shine through that brown coat though

Alexa said, now that Celeste is with ITV, she will need to be spayed, micro chipped, and vaccinated, but she will be available for adoption after that.  Her fee will be $110, and that covers everything mentioned above! If you'd like to learn more about her, or possibly meet her, you can reach out to It Takes a Village, here!

I mean look at this sweet face!

Alexa Sanders