Have you ever seen a ghost? Or, thought maybe you did, but you weren’t sure? It happens to a lot of people. Either they see something or they feel something. It’s happened to me so many times, in fact, my husband won't take me to places that are supposed to be haunted or are known for paranormal activity because he thinks I might bring something home.

Over the years, I’ve had several encounters that can’t explain. Most have been peaceful and calming. I felt no danger or ill will. But, there have been a few that were very scary. Many times it happened so fast, I wasn’t sure what had happened. Other times, it lasted for a moment long enough for me to think and register what was going on.

I’ve now come across two people who have taken pictures of a house or a room, only to look at the picture later and see something they didn’t see when they took the photo.

This is one of those people.

My grandmother use to clean Cardome in Georgetown, KY a while back, from 12am to 8am by herself. One morning when she was getting ready to leave, she decided to take a few pictures of the rooms while she stood in the doorway. This is a picture that she took while she was the only one there. Keep in mind that this use to be a catholic school for young women. She never seen this ghost in person, she only seen it once she looked at the pictures later. This place is known for paranormal activity, I’ve even felt it myself and so has she. This picture is 100% real and untouched. What do you guys think?


Jaylon Shouse

What do YOU think? To me, it looks like a ghost, I can see though her to the window frame. WOW, what an unexpected, amazing and chilling photo.

To make the image easier to see, a member of the group, Haunted History of Kentucky, brightened up the photo.

Here a version I brightened up and turned up exposure. The first thing you notice is it's see-through. The fabric is pooling at her feet. You can't see any features, but it appears to be dressed in a lighter color than the wall. It is also clearly not a part of the building or architecture. Pretty cool picture. - Jackie Adams Ison

Jackie Adams Ison

Is Cardome, near Georgetown, KY, haunted?

Is Cardome Mansion, in KY, Haunted?

[SOURCE: Jaylon Shouse/Haunted History of Kentucky/Facebook]

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