Nashville’s Haunted Record Store
Nashville's Ernest Tubb Record Shop has been in business since 1947. During the Civil War, the building was used as a hospital. It is thought that several Civil War ghosts haunt the shop. Legend has it that it has a haunted CD player that starts playing when an artist is being discussed. According to ...
Ghosts Show Up In Pictures [VIDEO]
  The whole month of October I'm going to scare the pants off of you!! Here is another installment of the haunted videosI have found on youtube! These are some SCARY pics!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!  
Will Taylor Swift Be In “True Blood?”
HBO's "True Blood" has become a popular hit for those who love vampire gore and hot love scenes.  Is that something Taylor Swift would be a part of.  I certainly think she has a good look to be transformed into a "True Blood" vamp.  Even one of the show's stars, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse has said he'd like to see Taylor make a guest appearance...