KY Lake Town Has A Truly Terrifying Past
This haunted legend involves a small town, a murderous teacher, and mysterious disappearances that went on for decades. Some who have entered the schoolhouse, have never been seen or heard from again. Here is what I learned about the legend of Elsewhere, KY.
Scariest Ghosts Caught On Camera [VIDEOS]
We LOVE scary things....movies, houses, books, graveyards....anything scary. So, we decided to research YouTube for some of the scariest videos we can find. All month, I will post them for your terrifying enjoyment.

The following videos might freak you out!! They are SCARY. Be ready to jump!!!!

World’s Scariest Video [VIDEO]
I found this video on youtube and it claims to be "World's Scariest Video." Being the sceptic that I am, I realize that most of it could be fake and planned out but, I don't want to be. It's too much fun to be scared!!! Enjoy.....if you're brave enough...
Ghosts Show Up In Pictures [VIDEO]
The whole month of October I'm going to scare the pants off of you!! Here is another installment of the haunted videosI have found on youtube! These are some SCARY pics!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!