You may remember a few weeks ago where a photo shared by PhoneTodd on Facebook went viral. Todd was out and having a rough day, when he saw a dog on the back of a motorcycle, so he snapped a photo and the rest was history, and now he's hosting a fundraiser! 

It Takes a Village Official Facebook PAge
It Takes a Village Official Facebook PAge

He ended up asking to find the guy who owned the dog so he could give him a gift card to his store, and in turn the guy said "How about I match your $50 and we donate it to It Takes a Village."  Todd loved the idea so much that it has now turned into a huge fundraiser for the no-kill canine shelter!

It Takes a Village has a bit of a special place in my heart because its where my sweet George is from! So I especially appreciate Todd for taking this rescue to heart and doing so much to help them (he even donated 5% of his sales to them during February!)

So on Sunday from 11-1 be sure to stop by PhoneTodd's Green river road location! There will be exotic cars, some SWAT team members, and a fire truck!  Of course all the proceeds will be going to It Takes a Village.  If you'd like more details on PhoneTodd's fundraiser, you can get them here!

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