PBS has been the longtime home of so many great shows - most notably Sesame Street, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and The Joy of Painting, which was hosted by Bob Ross. There was something about the way Ross talked and painted that made you want to watch like I did on many a Saturday afternoon.

PBS recently got into making some autotuned videos of some of their personalities like Mr. Rogers for example, in an effort to get people to support PBS. Rogers passed away in 2003 and Ross left us in 1995, but both left an incredible legacy that continues today.

We posted the autotuned Mr. Rogers video a while back and now PBS has created a similar video with Bob Ross. If you remember how soft and deliberate Ross was in his delivery, this video creates an entirely different side of Bob Ross that is very cool. You can't help but watch and get caught up in the beat. See both videos below.

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