I think we can all agree that we had high hopes for the year 2020, but turns out it has been a real kick in the head. It just one thing after another and seems like there is no end in sight. Even though the bad hits of 2020 just keep coming, there is now something to help us relax and get happy. Introducing, the Bob Ross Monopoly Game. 

If your family is like mine, there is nothing relaxing about Monopoly. Our games go on for days and there are side deals and steals going on between players. It’s like you're standing on the trading floor of Wall Street. You know, everybody shouting waving papers and about to have a heart attack, that’s OUR Monopoly game.

The Bob Ross Monopoly Game, on the other hand, is made to make you happy. There are even Happy Little Accident cards. According to My Modern Met,

...theme, the game includes 16 “happy little accident” cards, 16 The Joy of Painting cards, 32 cabins, and 12 covered bridges. You won't find a top hat, thimble, or pair of boots in the game, either. The pieces in this set include a paint palette, pine tree, easel, and more.

The game has you buying, selling and trading works of art. I feel like my family would find some way to make it stressful. I imagine art dealings can be cut throat too. But, I guess with Bob Ross smiling at you from the center of the board, your art business will be peaceful.

The game is $39.99 and will be available, just in time for the holidays, September 18th. Pre-order here.

[SOURCE: mymodemmet/hasbropulse]

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