Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day. Some people prefer the traditional route and others want to do something a little different, but memorable.Michelle and Adam decided to go with different, memorable and even epic! The wedding guests had no idea, but the wedding party was in on everything. The groom apparently had a fantasy about being an action hero and his beautiful bride was more than willing to accommodate

It starts with the groom having a swordfight with a medieval knight, which, predictably, the groom wins. We then see ninjas, Batman and Ironman, some rough and tumble bellhops and even WWE Legend, Jimmy Hart who finally puts an end to the madness.

I give the bride a lot of props for agreeing to this, but one thing is certain...the couple and their guests will never forget that day. What do you think, pretty cool or a little over the top? You decide while you watch the official wedding video.


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