News this morning from a popular Owensboro restaurant.  The Big Dipper, following the lead of several other local restaurants, is temporarily closing due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  This was the announcement made this morning on the Dipper's Facebook page-

Earlier this week, the Big Dipper announced a reduction of operating hours.  On April 2nd. the popular drive-thru announce it would be closing daily at 5pm.  But, now, owners have made the decision to close down completely.

Big Dipper customer Victoria Cecil summed the news up perfectly for all of us.  She shared this on the Big Dipper's Facebook page:

We do understand , but you will be missed . I’m not a big fan of fast food but whenever I think of a great burger , I always think of The Big Dipper . Surely one of the best drive-in experiences in the whole country : great food, fast and reliable service ( never a mess- up on orders ) , and a bit of old-fashioned Americana from my youth . I can’t wait for this virus to be over . One of the first things I’ll do is have a Big Boy and a pineapple shake !! Take care and be safe ❤️.

The Big Dipper is one of the most popular places in Daviess County.  The restaurant has been in operation over six decades and was recently featured in Dave Spencer's WBKR Bucket List series.

My personal favorite Big Dipper lunch/dinner- a BLT with no mayo, onion rings (they're the best) and a lemonade.

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