Celebrating birthdays during the COVID-19 pandemic has been very different this year. The  parties and get togethers we usually have have had to change. The celebrations have been limited to drive by shout outs; glittery posters, balloons and streamers and blowing kisses and air hugs, It's so hard for kids to understand, but it's also hard for adults.

My dad celebrated his 78th birthday this month and kept saying, 'I'm not sick, so everybody can come over. We can still go out to eat. I'm not sick.' He had a really hard time realizing and understanding that we were trying to protect HIM by not doing those things, Instead, my sister, daughter, family and friends organized a birthday parade for him that made laps around his circle driveway. He loved it, but still had a confused and sad look on his face while waving at the cars. He just wanted to hug and talk to everybody. It was hard for him, but he was so thankful for the parade. It made him feel very special.

One of my friends, in Owensboro, recently surprised her special dad with a social distancing birthday party that involved strawberry shortcake in a returned Tupperware tub (cause you can't return Tupperware empty, LOL), some singing, just her and her mom and a sweet reminder that there could be no hugging. Even though he was determined to get a hug from his wonderful daughter, he realized that, for now, that would have to wait.

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