The other night we had some terrible weather roll through the Tri-State and thanks to the meteorologists in town they helped make sure we all stayed up to date and stayed safe. Especially Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist, Wayne Hart. Wayne had to pull an all nighter to make sure everyone in the Tri-State stayed in the know, and stayed safe. And his hard work certainly has not gone unnoticed! Especially by one Tri-State woman!

Wayne Hart is known for going above and beyond when it comes to severe weather in the Tri-State. His efforts and hard work during the 2005 tornado that did a ton of damage to Evansville and Newburgh even landed him on national news stations.  So Wayne doesn't play around when it comes to severe weather, and undoubtedly many lives have been saved because of his hard work.

One tri-state woman has really noticed Wayne Hart's enthusiasm for severe weather, and made it into a hilarious t-shirt!


Danielle Abshire Crisp
Danielle Abshire Crisp

I think we would all love another person to be as enthusiastic about us as Wayne Hart is about weather!

Wayne is a great sport and got a kick out it!

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