When a pet just disappears, it's devastating. Our cat, Skips, just disappeared a few years ago and we were heartbroken. I still have the hope that he will just walk into the yard and back into our family. We didn't have him micro chipped though. So, even if someone would find him, they wouldn't know or be able to tell her was our cat. But, with Evie, a beautiful cat, her microchip helped her find her person again.

....we got a call today!!! Over a year and a half later..... The Warrick County Animal control picked her up today on a country road in Warrick County....INDIANA!! #chipyourpets

Her person is Mackenzie. I am friends with Mackenzie's family and I remember the FB posts that were made when they realized that Evie was missing.

Like all of us, Mackenzie has been through some rough times. What made Evie's disappearance hurt even more is that it happened during a very difficult time for her and her family. They were desperate to find Mackenzie's special cat.

Any lead they would get, they would go and search for Evie.

Just one of the places we went and checked out to make sure it wasn’t Evie. I spent an hour wallowing around in Ole Souths back parking lot trying to get a black cat they had seen show up out from a building.....

Out of all of the black cats they met, none were Evie.

After more than two years, when almost all hope was lost, Evie and Mackenzie are back together. Thanks to the the fact that she was micro chipped, Warrick County Animal Control was able to reach out to the family and return Evie to Owensboro.

Carla G/Facebook

It's amazing to think that Evie found her way, all the way, to Warrick County. Now, she is warm, safe and making a young girl very happy.

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