Like millions, you're probably trying to find as many ways possible to save money on gas in your vehicle. There actually happens to be a button equipped in your vehicle that just might help you with that.

The price of gasoline is higher now than it's ever been. As of this writing, we are less than twenty cents away from seeing five dollars per gallon in the Evansville area. Filling up your tank is nearly impossible to do for some, as it would simply cost too much. We've all been feeling the sting of gas prices, and with no insight on how long prices will stay this high or if they will go any higher, it has millions stressed about how they will be able to afford to even drive to and from work each day. However, there is a button on your vehicle's climate control dashboard that will help play a key role in saving on gas...the air recirculation button.

What is the Air Recirculation Button Used For?

There's a button found on your vehicle's climate control dashboard that we all have seen, but perhaps we don't really know when to use it. The button is called the “air recirculation button,” and it serves a couple of purposes. It mainly deals with the vehicle’s air conditioning system, but it can also help you save on gas.


The air recirculation button (pictured above) will cut off the outside air to the inside of the car,  causing the air inside of your vehicle to recirculate. According to an article on, Tabitha Ruhl, Manager of Joplin Transmission and Auto Center, says "the air recirculation button is great for boosting your AC to help the cabin of your vehicle get as cold as possible, quickly."

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Another key feature of the air recirculation button in your car is that it helps reduce pollen, pollution, and exhaust fumes from entering the vehicle. There is yet, another feature of this button that you are most likely reading this article to learn about.

How The Air Recirculation Button Can Save Money on Gas

Yes, this button can also help you save money on gas, on top of everything else it does. How? Well, Ruhl tells

Cars are usually more fuel-efficient when the air conditioner is set to recirculate interior air. This is because keeping the same air cool takes less energy than continuously cooling hot air from outside.
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It should be noted that this feature only works in the summer months. You don't want to use it during winter or when your windows become foggy. So, if gas prices continue to rise or stay as high later on in the year, it is best to try using these five ways to save on gas throughout the year.

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