This burger redefines what you can call a "burger" It takes hours to make, but according to the food experts, it is worth waiting for...What exactly is it and where can you get one here in the Land of Lincoln?

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If you want a burger that is more than just some grilled beef and cheese on a bun then you need to head to Morton Grove, Illinois, where you will find Boba Burger and their infamous BBQ Lechon Burger. The BBQ Lechon Burger from Boba Burger made Yelp's list of the 11 Most Outrageous Burgers, so what exactly makes it outrageous? On Yelp they say...

"BBQ Lechon Burger is constructed, the juicy, crunchy lechon—Filipino roast pork—has already been slow-cooking for 4 hours...roast the lechon to perfection, deep-fry it to order, and place it atop a 5-ounce beef patty loaded up with fixings: cheese, lettuce, tomato, a large onion ring, and Chicago-based Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce...somehow the bun manages to hold the sweet-and-savory meat and crispy onion rings in place. Better still, this gourmet masterpiece is available for just $8."

$8 for a burger is outrageous nowadays! I feel like you can't even get a fast-food burger for as cheap as $8 anymore... Some of the other burgers on the list include a Glazed Donut burger in Tampa, a Mac N Cheese burger in Utah, and a Brunch Burger with tater tots in San Francisco, to see the full list of outrageous burgers across the US just click here!

What is the most outrageous burger in the Tri-States?

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