In Illinois, real-life buffalo sighting with one of a kind photo.

Strange Animal Sightings In Illinois

Have you noticed lately that we have had some strange animal sightings in the state of Illinois? I am talking about creatures that we do not normally see in the Land of Lincoln. Recently, there have been bears and mountain lions to just name a couple. There have even been some pictures for proof.

Black bear in the wild
Jillian Cooper

Cue The Music

To prepare for this next story, I think we need some music before we get started. Feel free to sing along with the song. Do not worry, lyrics included.

The reason this tune is so fitting is because of the lyric "Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam." Believe it or not, for one particular buffalo, that home to roam is Illinois.


Buffalo Spotted In Illinois

Check out this post from the Lake County Illinois Sheriff's Office Facebook page...

Apparently, a buffalo has escaped from its home in Illinois. I am guessing some sort of farm. This was back in September and they still have not been able to catch the animal to bring it back. It has been seen in not only Lake County but also McHenry.


Buffalo Not Normally Roaming In Illinois

Illinois is not a state I think of when it comes to buffalo. It is more like places such as the Dakotas, Montana, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. There is a place in our state called Nachusa Grasslands which is home to several buffalo but that is a special situation.


If You See The Buffalo

I understand that the possibility of the buffalo roaming to the Rockford area is highly unlikely but if you happen upon it remember it is a wild animal and please do not approach it. Then call the authorities. It may look cuddly but it definitely does not want to be petted.

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