Growing up in the country, my brother and I spent most of our time outdoors. We spent our days riding our bikes up and down our dead-end road, play kickball in the barn lot, collecting rocks, and using tree stumps for playhouses.

We made a whole neighborhood of old, rotted tree stump houses. The stump houses were fenced in with old sticks and had sidewalks of flat stones. I would bring my baby dolls out and my brother brought his dump trucks and little cars. My horse, Toy, would stand guard while we played. It was like an enchanted village.

When I saw this Facebook post, it took me back to a wonderful time in my life. This is such a great idea. Instead of trying to kill or burn the tree stump, with some storybook-like accessories. Isn't this amazing.

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Like this fairy-themed stump, I think it would even be cute to make other themed tree stump houses. Let's say your kids or grandkids like Paw Patrol, you could make the old stump into the headquarters tower. It would be so cute. Or, you could turn the stump into the ice palace from Frozen. Oh, how about turning a hollowed-out old tree stump into the Batcave?

The possibilities are endless, whatever your kids like, you can make an old tree stump into something magical for them. It can even be something magical for you. Turn the old tree stump into something you like. Can you say Rupp Arena? Go Blue!


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