I'm not up to date on the fashion scene, but I have a feeling that this is something that will turn some heads.

Two guys from Toronto launched a new line of bathing suits called the "Brokini," a bikini for men. Now I know what you might be envisioning in your head. The "Borat" bathing suit. It's close, but the Brokini has a little more material to it...thankfully.

These bathing suits aren't exactly "sexy" (I could be wrong). I would say that most of the guys who buy them are trying to be funny. It's something that I could see my friends wearing to embarrass their spouse, kids, or even me. Even though that's one thing I definitely don't want to see my friends wearing. Who am I kidding, I would probably get one too just for comedy sake.

So, the Brokini isn't really a bikini at all because it's not a two piece suit. There's a tighty whitey bottom with a single strap that goes over one shoulder. It's not a two-piece, so it's not really a bikini. Think André the Giant's wrestling singlet but way skimpier and with cute little patterns.

As of now, the Brokini comes in two versions for sale at Brokinis.com.

The first of which is a blue suit with pineapple polka dots:


The other Brokini is a white suit that is covered with pink flamingos:


Each suit costs $40, and are apparently selling quick. Do yourself a favor though, and read the FAQs about the Brokini if you want a good laugh.

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