During this time of fear anxiety, due to the pandemic, we are all searching for ways to feel better. There is no better way to get a jolt of happiness that to give to someone in need. And, that is exactly what Janet Richard's family and the entire community are doing. They have given so much, they should all feel pretty good by now.

Janet Richard is the woman who decorated her entire yard, for Halloween, in a Harry Potter Theme. Remember her? She plans on doing it next year too, but with a different theme. She made so many people happy by simply putting amazing decorations in her downtown Newburgh yard, she thought, why not do something even better, something that really gives back.

Janet has put up The Giving Wall along the rock wall on the sidewalk in front of her house. The wall is a wonderful idea during this very difficult time. Now, more than ever, so many around us are struggling financially. Even the little things we take for granted can be unattainable when you are desperate.

I asked Janet abut the wall. Why she did it and what she was thinking when she decided to hang the wire and put out the clothes pins and baggies.

This is some of what she had to say...

This is the first year but I would like to continue it every year. What gave me the idea was when I bought my historic home I wanted it to be a special place for everyone... the way 2020 is going I thought maybe a giving wall would help bring people together. What better way to celebrate Christmas then for a community to come together as a whole and help others. So far it has been a huge success. People are taking things from the way and others are adding.

It's doing just what she had hoped. Below is a story of a boy who came to the Giving Wall to help his mother and brother.

More wonderful, heartfelt and inspiring things that have happened as a result of the Giving Wall.

Take a look at the The Giving Wall.

Newburgh Woman Makes A 'Giving Wall' For Those in Need

I love this so much. Hopefully, it will continue way past Christmas, I know if the need is there, Janet will make sure the wall is a place to help others. Find out how you can help or how you can get the things you need by following The Giving Wall on FacebookHERE.

Thank you, Janet for your kind heart and giving spirit.

Like Tell City, IN set up a giving wall in your community. #BeMoreLikeJanet

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