It's been nearly a year since the Newburgh town council announced the closing of the community pool due to declining annual attendance which in turn resulted in the operating costs exceeding the pool's revenue. That declining income also made it difficult to justify the money needed for a number for a list of repairs. Many residents were understandably upset by the news, but the new year begins a glimmer of new hope for the facility as the council is asking residents to answer a few questions that will help them decide whether or not the pool is worth keeping around.

The Council recently shared a link on the town's official website featuring an online survey residents can fill out anonymously with questions ranging from the number of times their family visited the pool during the 2016 and 2017 seasons (the most recent seasons of operation), to how frequently you would visit the pool if the council approved the construction of a new one, along with whether or not you would support a tax increase to fund the facility, or if the money should be raised by other means such as grants, corporate donations, and community fundraisers.

The survey makes no mention of a specific date when it will close, and encourages anyone with questions to contact Andrea Balboni at 812 853-1720.

Click here to submit your answers.

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