Charlotte Nanninga is just days away from turning 12, but she's not your typical little girl. Her mom, Ashley, tells me that she hasn't complained once since the pandemic began. She's basically been the glue that's holding the family together. That's no small task, since Charlotte has three little brothers.

Photo: Ashley Nanninga

Recently, the family added one more baby to the mix, as in a puppy dog. Miss Valentine has become a huge part of 5-year old Jonah's life. She helps him cope with his emotions. So, what's the problem? Charlotte is extremely allergic to Miss Valentine.

Photo: Ashley Nanninga

Without hesitation, Charlotte made the decision to commit to going through five years of allergy shots, just so that Jonah can keep his dog. She began the process this week, and until the treatment kicks in, Miss Valentine is just kept away from Charlotte.

Charlotte's birthday is May 3, and we'd like to flood her mailbox with cards and pictures. Her mom said that she doesn't need any gifts, but some special messages will make her day special, in spite of the pandemic.

Charlotte Nanninga
5200 Woodridge Dr
Newburgh, IN 47630

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