One thing we see all the time while driving on Tri-State area roads are animals and reptiles on the roadway. What is it about turtles on Hwy 41, the Lloyd and Veterans Memorial Parkway? More often than not, when we see these critters they are roadkill. Do you think it's possible the drivers who hit these creatures did it on purpose?

Well, according NASA scientist Mark Rober, the answer is yes, at least in some cases. Rober is well known on YouTube for creating some interesting experiments.

Rober recently took a rubber snake, turtle and tarantula onto the shoulder of a roadway to find if anybody would go out of their way onto the shoulder to run over the rubber participants and the results were somewhat surprising. Sixty out of 1000 cars monitored by Rober, veered into the non-traffic lane to kill something.... whoa. See the video experiment below...very interesting and disturbing.