I’n not sure if Pillsbury secretly predicted something bad was going to happen in 2020 or not, but their newest refrigerated baked goods, suggest they did. Pillsbury new we would need this kind of yummy food therapy and they were right!

How did I discover these amazing sweet biscuits? Well, it was my husband, actually. Yep, he is in charge of going to the grocery store for our family. He goes to the store equipped with a list of all of the things we need. I write out the list of items and, well, my handwriting looks like a second grader, so I’ll give him that, but he always does home with things NOT in the list and diesel;t get the tings ON the list. It’s insane. It’s like he thinks the my list are the things NOT to get not WHAT he needs to bring home.

Well, last week he did the same thing he always does and in true fashion, he brought home things I did not need. Or, come to find out, didn’t know I needed so badly. Thanks to him bring home something he shouldn’t have, we discovered Pillsbury Blueberry Sweet Biscuits with icing. 


Although skeptical at first because he was supposed to bring home Grands Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls, I decided to give them a chance. OMG! They are SO good. We may never go back to cinnamon rolls again.

They are like a blueberry scone only soft and even more amazing. Apparently these sweet biscuits are not the only things that Pillsbury is making to help us feel better when we start our day. (Not gonna lie, we make them yesterday evening because we couldn’t resist. I tell you m we’re livin life on the edge! LOL) Look at the photo of the baked biscuits. See the space where my husband took one to eat before I could get a pic. They are really irresistible.

Here are the latest and most delicious baked goodness from Pillsbury that is at your favorite grocery store now.

These Three New Pillsbury Baked Goodies Might Be The Best Ever

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