Downtown Evansville is constantly growing, and it's been really cool the last few years to watch our downtown area really grow and begin to flourish. We have several delicious restaurants downtown, from Comfort, to Entwined, to Backstage, to Angelos, Gangnam, and more there's a ton of delicious options downtown, and these are just some of the options you'll find on the Main Street Walkway.  And for the lunch crowd right aroudn the walkway there's places like Lics, Milanos, Major Munch, and Jimmy Johns.  Now we can add a new place to the list!

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On the corner of the Main Street Walkway and 2nd Street there used to be Salad World, but unfortunately they closed a while ago. Now coming to that location is a new restaurant, CALLE.  Here's what Evansville 411 says about the new restaurant:

#EvansvilleDevelopment: A new restaurant is coming to downtown Evansville and Main Street.

Baja Street Fare is slated to move into the Old Bitterman Building at 200 Main Street.

The project is being developed by the owner of

COMFORT by the Cross-Eyed Cricket


Stay tuned for more information on this new project!
It's awesome to see our downtown area continue growing, and more options coming to downtown. While we have a ton of delicious places to grab lunch or dinner downtown, we don't have a taco place downtown, so this will be an exciting and different addition to Downtown Evansville. Be sure to follow CALLE on facebook so you can stay up to date as the renovations to the building take places, and so you don't miss an opening date.

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