Before the pandemic began, I had never been in a virtual meeting. Once they started to become the norm, I thought I would love them. I mean why would we ever have to physically get together ever again, right?

Well, it turns out that they are just as annoying as regular, face-to-face meetings. Either the virtual meetings go on forever because the leader or boss can't see everyone fidgeting, or you CAN see everyone moving around or doing things you don't want to see and you just wish you had an excuse to leave the meeting.

Now, you do! Someone has invented a free online tool called the Zoom Escaper that you hook into your Zoom calls. It plays sound effects to help you get out of meetings.

Here are the sounds the site offers. Take your pick.

New Online Tool Helps Get You Out Of Annoying Virtual Meetings

Get all the info HERE.

[The Verge]

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Here is a tutorial to help you get out of those annoying meetings ASAP.


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